FAQ About Beijing Escort

How to obtain appointments for escort services?
You will find all the information in the "Contact Us", you advance to tell me, to provide more opportunities for you. A confirm our appointment.

Do you immediately available?
You must notify me at least an hour before, so I can arrange to escort the girl home services.

How do I wear?
Unless specifically requested, I will wear a smart dress, high heels, lingerie, while the remaining inconspicuous.

Where to meet?
Ensure a neutral place, because I found in the privacy of the people, the hotel provided us with some important security. However, I come to your home, as long as appropriate, where all OK.

I am over 65 years old, and I hope to see you, this might do?
Unfortunately, I do not actively respond to your request, this is a matter of taste and attractive.

Do you smoke?

You have
An open, free and dissolute, but I completely rule out the possibility that strange, degrading, dirty, dangerous or in any way.
This is obvious in any taboos *? Meticulous hygiene is required.